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My name is John Harwood and I have had a passion for photography for the past 30 years. God has blessed me with an eye for composition; great camera gear; and many super natural photo opportunities. One of those opportunities led to an unique Elk shot recently published in Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations Bugle magazine and the National Audubon Society Magazine. That image is currently being used by the Montana Office of Tourism on buses, trains, billboards throughout the U.S. to increase tourism. My Elk image can also be found on the National Geographic web page. My metal prints will be available in the 2014 Chapter Catalog of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Along with my wife, we are owners of Big Sky Virtual Advantage, LLC. We use only the latest high quality equipment and software available. We are a full service Photography and Virtual Tour firm dedicated to supporting the marketing of products, real estate, and the hospitality industry. We specialize in Custom Car and Motorcycle Photography with many products available for your car including Collage Car Info. displays for car shows. Fine Art available in my galleries for purchase from the highest quality printing labs available. I highly recommend the ready to hang Metal prints for a vibrant and durable addition to your home or business that will capture the attention of everyone. All products and services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Contact me for Commercial licenses of my images for printing, Websites, or Advertising.

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Triple Reflection Cross - Photo of the Month

Bigfork Cross Triple Reflection II

This picture was taken of the 112 foot Cross near Bigfork, Montana on a foggy January night in 2014. My wife and I were on our way back from a spectacular photo perfect winter day in Glacier National Park. I could not drive due to neck surgery a week earlier for cancer, so I was in the passenger seat gazing out at the stars when I noticed a well lit swirling fog surrounding the Bigfork Cross. My wife and I agreed that this was a God moment and we needed to capture it.

Let me tell you a little about this cross. It was built 43 years ago by Ed Ottosen on the property settled by his family. The cross was a marvel of engineering and workmanship that took 3 years to build. While painting the letters on the cross Ottosen took a 100 foot fall landing on the word “HIM”. The next day Ed was back up painting.

When we arrived at the cross the fog was swirling by the cross yet we did not feel the wind required to create the swirling effect. The fog only appeared within a one-quarter mile radius of the cross. There was no fog anywhere else and skies were clear. While shooting the cross I was not sure what I was capturing but after processing the images I was amazed by the beauty and supernatural images that were captured. The reflected cross with words visible on the fog above the cross was truly a miracle. The chances of me capturing this Triple Reflection were slim to none. My perspective along with the surface planes of the fog in front of the cross, the face of the cross, and the fog behind the cross all had to be perfectly aligned. The timing of the shot, camera settings, the moving fog, and the lighting all had to be perfect. To get the reflection of the face of the cross with text meant it had to be projected from the fog in front of the cross up into to the fog above the cross then to the fog behind the cross. Since the cross is upside down on the fog behind the cross, the plane of the fog above the cross had to be nearly 90 degrees to the cross. Similar to the effect you get when you see the mountains reflecting upside down in a lake.

The cross reflection showed up in four frames stretched over roughly a 2 minute time frame. During that time frame I did not see the reflection or any of the other amazing shots that were captured that night. All I saw was the bright cross and the moving fog but something told me God was showing off that night. Pictures prove our eyes don't always see what's out there.

I believe this photo opportunity was one of many that God has created for me to show himself to us and renew our faith in him. God is like the wind. We cannot see the wind but we can look out the window and see its effects. If we step outside we not only see the wind we feel it too. If we invite God into our lives we will see his work and feel his spirit.

Printable PDF file of story available upon request with print purchase.

Thank You,
John Harwood Photography

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